About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!
You can call me Miles.
I am a typical teenage girl living in Canada who enjoys learning new things and making new friends. I am considered loyal and trustworthy by many of my friends and I love giving people advice, whether it be about school, relationships, or everyday troubles. I am active in my school studies and an ongoing volunteer at a hospital and museum for over two years!
I very much enjoy looking for natural, homemade recipes to relieve sickness or to enhance beauty. It's something that I have taken an interest to for years and have done research on almost everyday! Now I thought to myself one day, "It'd be very selfish of me to keep these recipes all for myself.. and there's only so many friends I can help." So I've decided to make a blog where I can reach more people.  
If you have any questions or would like to add me, feel free to go to the "Contact Me" page or go to the side bar and check out my full profile!
Have a great day! 

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